Building Information Modeling နဲ႕ပတ္သတ္တဲ့ အတန္းေတြၿဖစ္ပါတယ္။

This course teaches users the basics of Revit Architecture by producing a complete building design from start to finish. Written from the perspective of brand new users, Revit for Beginners provides an introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D architectural design using Revit. This course walks you through the creation of a contemporary, two story, residential building model, while providing in-depth explanations of the tools used along the way. You'll learn how to create walls, floors, windows, roofs, doors, floor plans, as well as custom 3D camera views, and even generate photorealistic 3D renderings. After completing the course you'll have the skills you need to comfortably begin working on your own designs with Revit Architecture.

Course Introduction

Introduces the course

What is Revit?
Gives an overview of BIM and Revit

Explains some of the terminology used throughout the course

Explains the different areas of the Revit interface

View Manipulation
Shows how to change your view and use the different view tools in Revit

Teaches you how to create and edit Levels in a revit project

Shows how to create a grid to use as a reference in your project

Reference Planes
Explains how to create reference planes in a Revit Project

Starting the Project and Adding Levels
Shows how to begin a new revit project file, and create additional levels

Creating Reference Planes
Adds the reference planes to the project

Exterior Walls
Adds generic exterior walls to the project

Modifying Walls
Shows how to make modifications to the walls and wall properties

Adding the Interior walls
In this lesson, the interior walls are added to the project

Foundation Walls
Shows how to add foundation walls below the exterior walls

Creating the First Floor
Shows how to add the first floor to the project

The Second Floor
Adds the second floor to the building

Shows how to create the roof on the building

Section Views
Shows how to create section views of the building model

Shows how to add doors to the building

Explains how to add and position windows in the project.

Stairs and Railings
Adds a staircase and railings to the building

Curtain Wall
Shows how to change several of the front walls from generic to curtain walls

Adds Mullions to the curtain wall

Customizing the Roof
Shows how to customize the roof

Customizing Walls - I
Shows how to customize the exterior walls and add layers

Customizing Walls - II
Finishes customizing the rest of the exterior walls of the building

Finishing the Floors
This lesson finishes modifying the floors in the building.

Shows you how to create a toposurface or site for the project

Grid and Columns
Adds a grid and structural columns to the project

Adds a footing to the foundation walls and columns

Adding components
Shows how to add model components and site components to the project

Explains how to section off and label rooms in the project

Floor Plans and Customizing Views
Shows how to customize 2D floor plan views

Creating Camera Views
Explains how to create 3D perspective camera views of the building

Rendering Basics
Teaches you the basics of creating a rendering of the building

Explains how to create schedules for doors, windows, and rooms in the building information model

Creating Sheets
Shows the basics of creating sheets and plan sets from the building model